Is physical therapy expensive?

Don’t put off treating an injury in fear of it costing an “arm and a leg”. Physical therapy is more affordable than you think!

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When it comes to receiving physical therapy, too often the leading factor for not getting start healing an injury or ailment is that it is too expensive. However, when you look at the whole picture, the cost versus the improvements seen in both condition and quality of life, the benefits far outweigh the cost—especially considering the potential for a lifetime of pain and activity limitation. A little bit of therapy can go a long way, saving you both a metaphorical and even actual headaches. Physical therapy is more affordable than you think!

Results in Less than 5 Visits

A common misconception is that all physical therapy treatment courses are very long, thus very costly. That is not usually the case. Many conditions can be significantly improved in three or less visits. Our staff at Venture Rehab are trained in cutting edge manual therapy techniques that can improve symptoms quickly including dry needling, mobilizations, muscle energy techniques and manipulations. Additionally, we can get you started showing you proper technique and develop a home exercise program that gets you back to the things you love quickly—often much cheaper and more effective than a trip to the spa for a massage.

More Extensive Treatment is Worth the Investment

Obviously, some conditions require more extensive treatment and additional visits. The good news is the investment is well worth the pay-off. Is your pain holding you back being able to do the things you enjoy? Maybe you love bike riding, but your back pain has you dismounted. Or is the garden you used to carefully cultivate every summer nothing but weeds due to your knee pain? Does your shoulder keep you from throwing baseball out in the yard with your kids? A life that you can participate in and enjoy is priceless. Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group can work with you to get the best payoff for your investment—pain reduced and active.

The Exchange Rate

Depending on how long a problem has been present and how much damage has taken place, treatment numbers can vary, but general guidelines are:

Healthcare can be very expensive. While physical therapy requires some investment, the amount is minimal compared to other more invasive procedures. For 30 years, university trained therapists at Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group have been helping people feel their best, often at a price much lower than you’d expect! Find a clinic near you to set up an appointment. This money well spent can lead to a life full of activities that you love.

Listen to the Podcast

Richard Bourassa joined Brent Loucks on 650 CKOM to discuss the expenses associated with physical therapy. Listen to learn more about fees, insurance coverage and more.


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Get up. Get here. Recover.

Take control of your physical health, relieve your pain, and regain your strength.

Get up. Get here. Recover.

Take control of your physical health, relieve your pain, and regain your strength.

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