Richard Bourassa

Partner / Clinic Director

B.P.T., M.Sc., Dip.Manip.PT., FCAMPT

Bachelor of Physical Therapy; Master of Science; Clinical Associate Professor School of Physical Therapy, University of Saskatchewan; Part-time Clinical Instructor, College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan; Advanced Diploma of Manipulative Physical Therapy (Dip. Manip. PT); Fellow Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (FCAMT); Retired (2020) Chief Examiner - Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association; Senior Instructor - Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association; Certificate in Training - Videonystography Technician, Medtrak VNG Inc. 2018; Certificate in Training - Vestibular Rehabilitation, Medtrak VNG Inc. 2018. He is the recipient of Golden Hands Award (Award of the National Orthopaedic Division to an exceptional orthopaedic physiotherapist that exemplifies the commitment to our profession in manual therapy, education, mentorship and research). He has been Chair of the Disciplinary Committee of the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists on two separate occasions, the most recent within the past 3 years, and he remains a member of the Discipline Committee. He has qualified as an Expert Witness by the Courts in the area of Biomechanics and Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment.

Anne-Marie Graham


B.Sc.(P.T.), Cert.Med.Acup., C.A.F.C.I., S.P.C. (Dip.)

Anne-Marie Graham has been a practicing physical therapist for over 40 years having graduated from Western University in 1982. Her career started in pediatrics running a sport’s physical therapy clinic at CHEO in Ottawa. After a brief stint establishing a bilingual sports clinic in Vanier, Ontario Anne-Marie moved to Saskatoon in 1986 and has proudly called Saskatchewan home since then. In 1989 she obtained her Acupuncture credentials as part of the first group of physical therapists to be credentialed in Acupuncture in Saskatchewan. This was followed by her Sport Physiotherapy Canada Diploma in1990 and her IMS dry needling credentials in 1995. Anne-Marie was a faculty member in the College of Medicine from 1989-2010 where she was a sessional lecturer in the School of Physical Therapy in the area of electrophysical agents. Anne-Marie is also a current consultant for the Saskatchewan Sport Medicine and Science Council.

Anne-Marie is passionate about pelvic health with a special interest in pelvic pain. She is committed to improving access to physical therapy care in rural Saskatchewan and for less advantaged populations. Anne-Marie received the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Women in the Professions in 2004. In 2011 she was recognized by the Saskatchewan Physical Therapy (SPA) with the Award for Clinical Excellence. In 2019 she was awarded a unique initiatives award from SPA for being a founding member of the pelvic health mentorship program in Saskatchewan. Anne-Marie is humbled and honored to be recognized by the community and her peers and is grateful for the incredible colleagues and patients she has had the privilege of working with over many years.

Anne-Marie is married with three children. When not working she enjoys outdoor pursuits in our beautiful province and follows her children in their various athletic careers.

Tyler Friesen


B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, C.G.I.M.S.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, finding a passion for the Physical Therapy profession as a patient from injuries sustained while competing nationally in gymnastics. I obtained an honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan, followed by a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from the UofS. I have been practicing for over 15 years in the province in both rural and urban centers with Bourassa and Associates Rehabilitation Centre, recently undergoing rebranding to Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group in order to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of our practice. I became a partner in the business in 2018.

I am a part time clinical instructor at the University of Saskatchewan in the physical therapy program and have been involved in this for a number of years. I am an instructor in the National Orthopedic Division branch of the Canadian Physical Therapy Association - AIM education system designed for advanced practice for post graduate physical therapists.

My credentials also include a Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, a member of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapy, and a practitioner of Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

I continue to challenge myself in my professional life with education in advanced musculoskeletal care, chronic pain, and vestibular practice; and in my personal life through competition in ultramarathon, triathlon, and Ironman events.

Jaclyn Gauchier


B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Kin), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT

Graduating from the School of Physical Therapy in 2005 and the College of Kinesiology in 2001 both at the U of S, I have had a vast interest and passion for sports and wellness since a young age. Growing up in Saskatchewan, I had the opportunity to play soccer at a provincial, national and university level completing my full 5 years with the U of S Women’s Soccer team.

I have been practicing as a Physiotherapist for the past 17 years, starting my career in Prince Albert then moving to Saskatoon to work with Bourassa and Associates Rehabilitation Centre in 2007. After 11 years as an associate, I became a partner in the business in 2018 that is now rebranded to Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group.

Credentials include a Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, a member of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapy (FCAMPT), and a practitioner of Biomedical Dry Needling. My areas of clinical interest are neuromusculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, and rehabilitation management. I have a further interest of expanding my practice into the areas of vestibular therapy and pelvic health.

I am currently the Saskatchewan Orthopaedics Division Treasurer and have participated as a lab assistant with the National Orthopedic Division branch of the Canadian Physical Therapy Association (AIM system) and within the School of Physical Therapy. I enjoy the mentorship of new graduates and continue to promote the profession as it evolves. Bringing PT services to the rural communities has been a goal and desire for both myself and Venture Rehab.

Outside of my practice both as a clinician and owner, I am busy coaching my children in their sports, being a mom, playing soccer, running/training and traveling.

Physical Therapists

  • Alaina Rempel

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.Sc.(P.T.), C.A.F.C.I., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Alexi Carleton

    B.Sc.(Geol), M.P.T.

  • Amber Rollack

    B.Sc.(P.T.), M.Cl.Sc., Cert.Med.Acup., C.G.I.M.S., F.C.A.M.P.T.

  • Braden Polreis

    B.Sc.(PHPY), M.P.T.

  • Cara Schnell

    B.Kin., M.P.T. Res.

  • Chad Magee

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Curtis Gasmo

    B.Sc.(Biochem), B.Sc.(P.T.)

  • Dakota Shaw

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Darren Johnson

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Dean Watson

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Denise Cherkas

    B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.P.T., FCAMPT, Cert.Med.Acup., SPD (Cert)

  • Enzo Yutuc

    B.Sc.(Phys/Pharm), M.P.T. Res.

  • Erica Gasmo

    B.Sc.(Kin), B.Sc.(P.T.)

  • Faye Georget

    B.Sc.(Nutr), B.Sc.(PT)

  • Jason Coulthard

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Jeff Gabrush

    B.Sc.(Biochem), M.P.T.

  • Jenna Polreis

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Kathy Warkentin


  • Katie Crockett

    Ph.D.(HSc), B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Kaylee McDonald

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T. Res.

  • Kent Earle

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Kirsten Allen

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Laura Stewart

    B.Sc.(Bio), M.P.T. Res.

  • Linda James

    B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.Manip.PT., FCAMPT, B.S.P.E., C.G.I.M.S.

  • Melissa Turk

    B.Sc.(P.T.), FCAMPT

  • Michael Vandevan

    B.Sc.(P.T.), B.Sc.(Kin)

  • Morgan Korte

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T. Res.

  • Stephané Kiefer

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T. Res.

  • Sydney Beaudette

    B.Sc.(Kin), M.P.T.

  • Tara Lester

    B.Sc.(Bio), M.P.T.

Occupational Therapists

  • Ryan Dueck

    B.Sc.(Kin), BMR, O.T. Reg.(Sask), M.Sc.

  • Janelle Parnitsky

    B.E.S.S., M.O.T., O.T.Reg.(Sask)

Exercise Physiologists

  • Chad Loverin

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

  • Darryl Vasko

    B.Sc.(P.E.), C.E.P.

  • Dean Hoscheit

    B.P.E., C.E.P.

  • Janine McNevin

    B.Sc.(KIN), C.E.P.

  • Jolene Blixt

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

  • Kelsey Bohachewski

    B.Sc.(Kin), C.E.P.

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