Muscle Tears, Pulls & Strains

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Muscle pulls, strains or tears can happen while doing daily activities. When muscles feel sore, weak, and tight then they may be strained. A physiotherapist can diagnose muscle injuries and offer effective treatment.

A muscle strain, pull, or tear can happen to anyone. It isn’t just for those who do extreme sports or activities. You could be simply going for a walk or overstretched during yoga. Did you know that you can even experience a fatigue-related muscle strain from prolonged sitting or standing at work with poor posture? It’s true. Muscle strain (pull/tear) can range from mild, to moderate, to severe or in some cases result in a muscle rupture. No matter what the severity of your muscle strain, it is best to seek physical therapy treatment right away and follow their protocol to a speedy recovery.

Muscle Tear, Pull & Strain Facts

  • Muscle strain is also referred to as muscle pain, muscle pull or muscle tear.
  • Symptoms of Muscle tears, pulls & strains include muscle tightness, weakness, reduced range of motion, inability to fully stretch the injured muscle, and in some cases bruising.
  • While any muscle is susceptible to strain the most common muscle strains are neck, shoulder, hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, lower back, and groin.
  • Muscle strain and pulled muscles are more common in cold weather when muscles are stiffer.
  • Muscle strain can be acute caused by injury/trauma or can be chronic as a result of repetitive movement.

Cause & Treatment (Muscle Tear, Pull & Strain)

Muscle strain can occur because of muscle overload, muscle fatigue/overuse, or from excessive muscle microtrauma due to over-exercising which results in repetitive strain injury. Here are some common causes of muscle strain:

Acute Muscle Strain

  • Slipping from losing your footing
  • Running, jumping, throwing, or heavy lifting
  • Activities that require high-speed or starting and stopping abruptly

Chronic Muscle Strain

  • Sports with repetitive use of the same muscles (tennis, golf, baseball)
  • Sitting in an awkward position for prolonged periods of time (this can especially affect your neck and back).
  • Postural Fatigue

The most effective treatment of your muscle strain will depend on the diagnosis of your care provider. Venture Rehab’s university trained physical therapists offer thorough assessments and same day treatment to reduce muscle pain. Returning to work or your regular sports activities can take time depending on the severity of your strain. Our tailored treatment plans include but are not limited to:

  • Early treatment intervention
  • RICE management
  • Education and modification to actives to avoid further harm or injury
  • Assessment of muscle function, core strength and biomechanics
  • Muscle strengthening & stretching rehab program
  • TENS or Ultrasound Therapy
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry needling
  • Brace or Support
  • Supportive kinesiology tape

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