How physical therapy can help you enjoy time at the lake

Physical therapy can help improve lake season by getting the body physically ready for active recreation. Do not spend this lake season just watching the fun.

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The lake has a magical way of appealing to a variety of interests. Adventurous types may enjoy paddle boarding, jet-skiing or zipping across the water in a tube. Outdoorsmen (and women!) can spend their days reeling in fish. Grandparents can bond with their grandchildren while hiking new trails. Some may just covet the opportunity to escape to the cabin and curl up with a good book. As the weather gets warmer, many will hit the lake for fun, but did you know that physical therapy can help you maximize your lake experience this season?

Cabin Clean-Up

In an outpatient physical therapy clinic, there is almost always a surge of patients as the temperature rises. People begin spring cleaning, yard work, and become overall more active than during the winter months. This leads to both new and emergence of recurring injuries. Getting the cabin ready for lake season can be physically demanding. Sweeping, mopping, deep cleaning, and moving furniture can lead to injury if your body is not adequately prepared. Do not make the mistake of starting these tasks with a lingering injury that could ruin the entire summer. Let one of our university-trained therapists develop a program that has you cabin ready.

Water Sports

There are few things as fun as water sports at the lake, but it can make it impossible to balance on a paddle board with a bad ankle. Jet-skiing loses its luster if you have pain every time you turn your neck. Climbing in and out of the boat with the days catch is difficult to do with achy knees. Fortunately, physical therapy can work to improve ankle stability, neck mobility, and strength in the legs to make these problems a thing of the past.

Spending Quality Time with Those You Love

It is very disheartening to see those that have worked so hard to provide a wonderful life for their families be physically unable to enjoy it after they retire. Being too deconditioned and weak can prevent a grandmother from joining the family hike. Difficulty with balance may keep a father from joining his son on the golf course. When a person has reached the age where they can slow down working, they should not be sidelined from enjoying the life they have built due to physical ailments. Call today to see how physical therapy can get your back on your feet.

Far too often when people reach the point in life where they are able to work less or even retire, their bodies prevent them from pursuing interests they once had just when they have the ability to devote more time to the things they love. Do not let this season at the lake pass by. More importantly, do not spend another minute not experiencing life at the fullest. Call Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group today. Our therapists are committed to getting you back to the things you enjoy.

/ How physical therapy can help you enjoy time at the lake

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