Elbow Pain

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Having a hard time gripping objects? Does your elbow have a constant dull ache? These symptoms can be from various elbow pain conditions. Early intervention and physical therapy can mean a speedy and full recovery.

Your elbow is a complex joint that connects your upper arm bone (humerus) to your forearm bones (the ulna and radius) and allows you to flex and extend your arm. Pain in your elbow when you throw, swing, lift or even give a hug can be a serious issue. If you have experienced elbow pain when doing any of these daily activities it is important to have your elbow assessed to determine the root cause. Getting the right assessment and treatment is pivotal to your speedy recovery.

Elbow Pain Facts

  • The bones that make up your elbow joint have cartilage on the ends to absorb shock and are held in place with ligaments
  • Tendons connect your bones to your muscles and allows youth to both flex and extend your arm
  • Your elbow joint is surrounded by nerves and blood vessels that may cause pain if injured or pinched
  • The elbow has many bursa sacs which are membranous sacs filled with synovial fluid that act like a cushion and prevent degenerative damage
  • Elbow pain can be due to local muscle, tendon or joint injury
  • Elbow pain can also commonly caused by referral pain from your neck or shoulder that acts similar to sciatica in your upper body
  • Symptoms of elbow pain include weak grip, tenderness, pain when you make a fist or open your fingers, and a dull aching feeling in your elbow when at rest

Cause and Treatment of Elbow Pain

Since the elbow joint is complex and there are many potential causes of your pain it is important to get an accurate assessment and start a tailored treatment plan to deal with the injured structures. At Venture Rehab we commonly treat the following elbow pain conditions:

  • Tendonitis: tennis elbow (affects the outside of your elbow) or golfer’s elbow (affects the inside of your elbow)
  • Bursitis which is caused by repetitive use injuries or from an accident
  • Wear & tear injuries from playing sports or from repetitive strain due to work environment
  • Accident or isolated injury resulting in a dislocated or fractured elbow
  • Muscle strains from too much pressure on your elbow muscles
  • Sprains to the ligaments of your elbow
  • Pinched nerve
  • Referral pain from neck or shoulder
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis

Studies show that elbow pain responds favourably to early intervention and physical therapy treatment. Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group offer through assessments and same day appointments so you can quickly resume normal activities of daily living. Our treatment plans include but are not limited to:

  • Early treatment intervention
  • Education and modification to activities of daily living to avoid further harm or injury
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Strength and stretching exercises
  • Use of light, electrical and ultrasound therapy
  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Sport-specific exercises
  • Dry needling
  • Brace or Support
  • Supportive kinesiology tape

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