Hip Pain

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Hip pain stems from problems with the hip joint that can cause referral pain into the knee, buttocks, and even thigh. A physical therapist can examine these aches and pains to pinpoint the problem area and help relieve pain.

The hip is a major weight bearing joint responsible for daily activities like walking, running, climbing stairs, and going from sitting to standing up. If you are experiencing hip pain then it might be limiting you from performing these activities. Hip pain is often spinal pain that refers into the hip, or local muscles and not the ball and socket joint. Arthritis, injuries, and pinched nerves can sometimes be the cause of hip pain. The good news is that it can be effectively treated with physical therapy.

Hip Pain Facts

  • The hip is a ball and socket joint that is supported by numerous ligaments for stability and many muscles are required to help the joint move.
  • Hip pain that can be felt on the outside portion of your hip, your upper thigh, and buttocks. This pain may be due to joint, ligament, muscle, and soft tissue problems.
  • Pain on the inside of your hip or groin is usually the result of problems with the hip joint itself.
  • Lower back problems or knee problems can sometimes be the cause of hip pain. This is known as referral pain.

Hip Pain Cause & Treatment

Hip pain is usually caused by issues with your muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues that surround your hip joint. The location of your pain usually indicates what the cause may be. A university trained therapist from Venture Rehabilitation Sciences Group can help determine the underlying cause. We will then design a tailored treatment plan that can include but is not limited to:

  • Exercises to increase strength in the muscles that surround the hip and knee (i.e., hamstrings, gluteals, and quadriceps)
  • Exercises to increase support and stability in the abdomen and pelvis area
  • Balance and stability exercises
  • Pain relieving electrical, light or ultrasound therapy
  • Joint mobilization
  • Stretching programs to help increase flexibility
  • Lifestyle modification program to increase physical activity

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